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GBBP 129: Greg Proops

GBBP 129: Greg Proops

Today, we welcome Greg Proops to the show and cover an incredible range of topics. We talk about comedy, audience addiction, the Proopscast, comedy in politics, feminism, Trump, and what kind of candy he’d be. Read More


The Best of Dragon*ConTV

Dragon*ConTV is the insufficiently sung hero of Dragon*Con. It’s the snarky entertainment arm of the con that keeps you laughing while waiting for panels or when you’re lying in your room too tired to go back out in your 65-pound costume. A long, long time ago, in the Dragon*Con galaxy not so far away, there… Read More

The One Ronnie: Tackling Comedy in the Era of Technology.

Growing up in England,with the father that I did, my comedy tastes were as random as my musical inclinations. One constant in this developing sense of humor was The Two Ronnies, a sketch show featuring the genius of Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker, pictured above. I always leaned towards a preference for the latter, through shows such… Read More

Geek Cinema Has a Heart: After Oz

Ever find yourself wondering what happens after “happily ever after”? What does that even mean?! Vancouver Film School student Percy Kiyabu didn’t wait for a little dog to come along and peel back that curtain. His animated short film, After Oz, gives us a glimpse of the Tin Man’s happy ending. It may be brief,… Read More

Rally to Restore Youthful Idealism

When my older son was little, he would come home from school and make a beeline straight through the house to the backyard swing set. We called it swing therapy: after a day of staying on task and holding in fidgets, he would desperately need to decompress. Rain, snow, sleet or hail, he’d be out… Read More