An App to Make Those Holiday Videos Better

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We all take video during the holidays. Every iPhone, iPod and iPad will be filming the look of delight as junior rips the wrapping paper off his new bicycle or when uncle sets fire to the Christmas tree again … or maybe that’s just my family. The thing is, everyone has videos like that! What if you could digitally insert Santa dancing with some elves into your video? How great would that be? It would certainly make it more interesting. I recently tried out Reel Doozy which is available as a free download in the Apple App Store. Unlike Jib Jab videos, Reel Doozy uses your entire video or picture as the backdrop and overlays the characters you would like to add.

Here is an example of the process:

Simply choose a foreground video supplied by Reel Doozy and then set the scene to take place inside of any one of your favorite homemade pictures or videos. In a matter of seconds you can experience the fun and entertainment of a holiday icon like Santa appearing in this highly personalized video. Currently Reel Doozy has Santa and YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill that you can insert into your videos. After you complete these steps, you can then share your ‘new’ video with friends and family via email, YouTube or Facebook.

Here is an example of an ‘enhanced’ video:

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