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A Terraria Christmas Story: Hardmode Items from the North Pole

A Terraria Christmas Story: Hardmode Items from the North Pole

My 7-year-old son is really into an open-ended 2D sandbox game on his iPhone called Terraria. In fact, he is so into it that this Christmas season on the top of his list to Santa was “the best items in the game”. I honestly expressed to him my doubt that Santa could deliver, since most presents are made in the elves’ workshop, and that Terraria on the iPhone has no “creative mode” to add items at will. “No, daddy,” was the reply, “Santa can hack!” Oh yes, this was going to be interesting. Read More

Merry Christmas in July!

The past couple of years, my little family has been starting some of our own family traditions. At Thanksgiving we have a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving lunch. In June we celebrate May the Fourth Be With You. In July we celebrate Christmas in July. Why? Because it’s fun and any excuse to get out our Santa hats and Christmas movies is good enough for us. Read More

Encouraging your Geek Kid to Give Santa a Hand

I am sure we are not the only family who used to dread all the new toys that would flow into our house in the holiday season. Sure, it’s fun to see their little faces light up when they see that perfect toy, the one they’ve been dying to have for months (or at least… Read More

The 5 Best Christmas Specials, Ever

I love all the classic holiday stuff you see on television each December. Even though I have most of my favorites on DVD there’s something special about seeing them when they’re actually being aired. It doesn’t count if you record them or stream them later. I’m talking about the random channel surfing that suddenly turns up… Read More