Let Your Kids Contact Santa at the Last Minute!

Hacking the Holidays Internet

Do your kids still believe in Santa? I sure hope so, because there are really fun ways for them to contact the North Pole! Whether they forgot to send their letters early, or you just want them to hear from Old Saint Nick in person, the magic of Christmas is being shared by companies around the world. Below are some links to my favorites!

Santa from Portable North Pole!
Santa from Portable North Pole!
  • Pearl.com’s Ask Santa – Ask Santa or his elves a question and get an answer directly back from the North Pole. There are a few quirky, funny, and sad questions from last year below.
  • NORAD Tracks Santa – North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been running a fun site to track Santa on Christmas Eve since 1955. They have a creative story about how they track Santa on the site…and this year there are apps (iOSAndroid).
  • Portable North Pole is a favorite of mine. You answer some questions about your loved one, and Santa emails them a video! It’s very fun, and has good options for adults, too.
  • EmailSanta.com – Email your Christmas wish list to the North Pole and to check the “naughty or nice” list. Also, has a live “Santa webcam” to see what Santa and the elves are up to in the North Pole.
  • iCaughtSanta – Upload a pic of your living room and the app inserts a photo of Santa there so you can “prove” he was there!
  • Video Calls with Santa – Skype with “Santa” to tell him when your kid is naughty or nice. This is a fun app, and kids love it!
  • SaintNick.org – Read about Christmas traditions around the world, send “SnowGrams” to friends, find holiday recipes from Santa and Rudolph, or send a letter to Santa.
  • SantasGoodList.org – Chat with one of Santa’s elves to see if you’re on the good list or naughty list.

These are new ways to contact Santa, but His Jollyness has been asked questions in many ways. Some kids burn their letters, in the hope that they will magically reach Santa. Some kids send letters in the post. But have you ever wondered what exactly kids ask? Here are some questions from last year, courtesy of Pearl:

Image courtesy of Pearl
Image courtesy of Pearl

Funny/cute Questions

  • Are the other reindeers jealous of Rudolph?
  • Santa, have you ever got stuck in the chimney? If yes, then what did you do?
  • What does Santa do for his Jewish friends?
  • Have you ever been convicted of breaking & entering?
  • Does it make it you sad that some people do not believe in you?
  • When was the last time you trimmed your beard?
  • I want a little sister for Christmas. May I please have one? How do you make them?
  • What do you do if there is no chimney in an apartment?
  • Are you bald under that cap, or do you still have a full head of hair?
  • Santa, are you really that jolly all the time?
  • How do you cope with indigestion after eating all those milk and cookies that are left out for you? 

Sad Questions

  • Will you help the homeless people get food and blankets?
  • My mommy told me you are black like me, but why does Santa always look like a white man?
  • Will my mommie die? She’s been sick.
  • Santa, we don’t have enough money to buy gifts from a store this year, so will you please bring something nice for my brothers and sister?
  • My Grandpa is very sick and in the hospital, can you pray for him?
  • Dear Santa, can you please tell me if my dad will get better and stop drinking so much?

However you celebrate the holiday season, it is hard to think about people that don’t have much. If your kids are concerned about the less fortunate, then help them find their own peace. Volunteering, prayer or community, there are many ways for kids to participate in helping others. A favorite of mine is to send Christmas cards to the pediatric ward at your local hospital. Kids can even deliver them in person. Just call ahead, and ask how many kids there are, and if you may bring in some cards. Many hospitals will just say yes, but it’s best to call ahead to be sure.

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