Welcome to GeekDad 2.0


New GeekDad LogoNew GeekDad Logo

We’ve been hinting at this for a couple weeks now, but the mad scientists at Wired HQ finally pulled the switch this weekend, and the monster lurched to life. Welcome to the new look and feel of GeekDad! We’ve switched content platforms to WordPress, which should allow for all kinds of widgety fun and games as we move our stuff into the new place and figure out where to hang things.

You may also notice that stuff in the sidebar is a little not-right. Some data is, well, out of date and things will be tidied-up over the next week or two into tip-top condition, we promise.

Hopefully you also like the new branding. Yes, I said “branding.” I’m sorry. But that’s what the marketing-types call it, so it’s what I call it too. The big idea is to bring all the Wired blogs into closer sync with the main site, and with the magazine. Personally, I just like having a cool graphic banner that really helps evoke what we’re about. Plus, there are plans afoot to play with the Robot family (hmm, we’ll have to give them names!) in the same way Google likes to play with it’s name/logo at certain times of the year. Oooh – I smell reader-generated content contests in the future!

And for the folks waiting on word about your applications to write for GeekDad, you’ll have results very soon! We had to get over the hump of the changeover before we can make any final decisions and start actually bringing people into the fold. So stay tuned!

Thanks again for reading GeekDad!

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