GeekMom Review Roundup: 50+ Educational Games, Activities, and Apps

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Taxonomies Are Fun

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is this? Will a plant taxonomy help me find out? I’m notoriously against dichotomies when it comes to people. Objects, on the other hand, are fun to sort. There are games based on the concept of using dichotomies to identify objects: Twenty Questions, and all its spinoffs, like this Hedbandz […]

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heroes guard, the game

‘Heroes Guard’: Magic, Cards, and Adventure

I am always looking for games I can play together with my kids, so I was especially excited about ‘Heroes Guard’ because it strikes a fantastic balance between story and luck. It’s one thing to make a choice in a game. It’s quite another to make a choice and then have to roll a die to see if you’re successful. We all started holding our breath every time the die flashed on the screen.

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