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UKYS Is Like Having a Tailor in Your iPhone

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Unlike a lot of people, I genuinely enjoy shopping for clothes, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. For me, there’s no shortage of motivation–to find that perfect jacket, those great new shoes, a really smart tie–the problem, however, is often selection.

The only thing worse than not being able to find the clothes you want is finding the proper items only to discover that they simply don’t fit. Online shopping, with all its apparent variety and value, simply seems to exacerbate this problem.

But what if you could buy quality, custom-tailored shirts from the comfort of your own home? And what if the only tool you needed was your iPhone?

This is exactly the service promised by UKYS. Simply download the app, choose your desired product, customize it to your liking, and get measured all within the same user-friendly interface.

Whether you’re an old clothes horse or a fashion noob, the UKYS app kicks off the process by presenting an expansive (but never overwhelming) selection of shirts, from oxford and twill to gingham and poplin.

Don’t know what any of those words mean? Well, there’s no need to fret! Just click on a shirt to get a close-up view, learn about its material properties, and even get some style suggestions.

The White Royal Oxford, for example, offers a classic look in 100% European cotton and works as both business wear and for more informal occasions. Personally, I went with the more casual Blue Check custom shirt. It’s made of Egyptian cotton (which typically produces finer threads for a softer feel) and is finished with mother of pearl buttons. But that, of course, is just the beginning.

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Before you even begin to worry about sizing, the UKYS app leads you through the process of making your garment your very own. You start with the fit (slim, tailored, or standard), choose your collar and cuffs, and decide whether or not to include a breast pocket. It’s the last couple of options, though, that really made all the difference to me.

You can specify a shirt length based on how you intend to wear it. In a relaxed stance with your arms held to your sides, the tail of a traditional dress shirt should fall below your palms–before you tuck it into your trousers. But there’s also a tailoring option–specifically for more modern, casual designs–for an untucked shirt, with the tail falling above your wrists.

You can also choose to include a shirt trim. This patterned secondary fabric will line your cuffs and collar seam for an added splash of dynamic contrast.

ukys shirtsWith all these selections made, you’ll begin measuring. Your device will talk you through the process, from positioning your phone to making a few simple movements to help gauge your dimensions. Just find a private room with at least 10 feet of open space and use a handy bottle of water to maintain a consistent central point of your stance as you move.

Your face will be obscured in the photos, and the pictures themselves will be deleted once your measurements are recorded. This should help quell any unease about the process, as you’ll need to change into form-fitting workout apparel (or simply strip down to your briefs) to gather accurate measurements.

After a few photos and some light movements, you’re ready to checkout.

Shirt prices range from $69-$99, with $5 flat-rate global shipping. Your items will arrive in roughly two weeks, and additional alterations and returns are always free.

Rocking my new custom UKYS shirt for Christmas dinner with the fam.

A photo posted by Z. (@hipsterplease) on Dec 24, 2016 at 8:28am PST

I was lucky enough to receive my shirt right before the holidays, and it’s become a favorite piece of my winter wardrobe. The fit is perfect, the fabric and stitching quality is impeccable, and the little extras, from the buttons and trim to the real metal collar stays, help provide a simple elegance that will brighten up an ensemble.

Surely you’ve customized an online order before, be it something as straightforward as a phone case or as heavily involved as a new laptop. UKYS brings that same winning formula to fashion, and by using a familiar app interface, they’ve helped to redefine the age-old concept of tailor-made items for a new generation.

In addition to shirts, they’ve also added overcoats and suits to their product line, and, if my experience was any indicator, the quality speaks for itself. So check out the app on iOS, peruse their expanded offerings via the website, and take a big, bold step into the realm of custom-made apparel.

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