Another (Homemade) Advent Calendar

Hacking the Holidays

Jenny put a post up last week about Advent calendars and I thought that in the spirit of of calendars, I’d share mine. We just put up our Christmas decorations this past weekend, and this Advent calendar has been part of our collection for many years. Back when I had a little more time on my hands (that would be pre-kids), I spent a few weekends making this one out of plywood, balsa, cedar shims, modeling clay and a whole lot of tiny hinges. Plus a re-purposed Santa and Mrs. Claus tree ornament behind the doors of the the 25th. I wasn’t anticipating having three children at that time, but fortunately, I made the compartments large enough to accommodate three candies. My Maker skills are apparently adequate, because it’s stood the test of time, through 18 years, multiple moves, and the aforementioned three kids. I do kinda like that Lego one too, though…

Photo by Brad Moon

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