Star Wars Yoga - Saber One pose

Battle Holiday Pounds With Star Wars Yoga Poses

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Star Wars Yoga - Saber One pose
Star Wars Yoga – Saber One pose by Matthew Latkiewicz via

We’ve all been there: a relative’s house or holiday party. The food is…immense. Delicious. Decadent. Drinks may be flowing along with wave after wave of holiday feast. It may not all be good. It may all look the same after a while (“Is this the same pie I saw last party? A confectionary clone?”). An army of food just keeps coming.

While the Ewok-like nieces and nephews run amok at Grandma’s, playing and singing in some odd language you can’t quite understand, you feel like a lone Jedi focused on fighting the oncoming advances of a full-scale holiday feast assault. With your fit-bit powered down and your calorie-counting app silenced, you may think you can simply trust yourself to do the right thing.

The Dark Side is strong. They have cookies.

It is likely you will fall prey to the holiday feasting, at least for a while. After all, your dad had some extra casserole. Why shouldn’t you have some too? All those days in the gym, of cautiously declining seconds, may become distant memories. You may forget that drinks lead to snacking, snacking leads to multiple deserts, and that many deserts leads to…suffering.

Thank the Force, Matthew Latkiewicz has developed some Jedi-quality yoga moves designed to keep you nimble even if you decide to nibble. These strength and balance moves are fun and funny–as is the fictional correspondence with George Lucas over the creation of branded yoga moves.

Check out the Time video below to see how to do a few of the yoga poses. Get your kids to do them with you and none of you will be mistaken for a Hutt. They may even give you an advantage on the snowball battlefield in your outdoor recreation of the Battle of Hoth!

 Jedi salute to Time via Laughing Squid.

Even more advanced Star Wars Yoga on Laughing Squid

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