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Stack Overflow: Winter Wrap-Up

Stack Overflow: Winter Wrap-Up

Here’s a list of the new and upcoming books that have helped keep my children occupied—and me (relatively) sane—throughout the season. Read More


Giraffes and Condors and Bears (Oh My!)

Giraffes and Condors and Bears (Oh My!)

The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens is mere miles from the glamour and glitz of Hollywood, but you’d never know it from the inside: it’s clearly earned the second part of its name, with lush greenery and exotic flowers at every turn. And then, of course, there are the animals, many of which are remarkable. Read More

When it Rains, it Snails

To my mind, there are two great ways to spend rainy days with kids: tucked away indoors with an excess of books and quilts, or navigating the drippy wilderness looking for foul-weather creatures. My family’s wilderness happens to be an urban landscape, but if one looks closely, there’s still a wealth of wildlife to be… Read More

Geek Candor: The Vlogbrothers Do It With Animals

Let’s talk about sex. Yes, again! That’s the thing about ‘the talk’ – you can’t have just one. Because this is a geeky blog, I did a little research into how other geeks have been talking about sex lately, and I discovered something very interesting. The Vlogbrothers do it with animals. Talk about sex, that… Read More

Nature at Its Closest

This spring and summer, we’ve gotten to watch two clutches of American Robins grow up literally just outside our front door. Even though these birds are ridiculously familiar, seeing their development close-up has been incredibly neat. It’s gotten us to … Read More