Reaping the Rewards: ‘Zoo Webs’ Animal Conservation Game

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ZooWeb-boxIn “Reaping the Rewards,” we take a look at a crowdfunded project in its final form. Today’s project is Zoo Webs, a card game that helps kids learn about animals and conservation.

Several months ago I wrote about the Zoo Webs Kickstarter campaign. The campaign was a big success, and now, only five months later Clint Clark has delivered the final game!

Original, very loved, cards on the left, final product on the right. Photo by Will James.

First off there have been a handful of significant changes to the cards themselves since the original prototype. The most obvious, when pulling the cards out of the box, is that the card stock is a little meatier which is good because my son put these through the ringer he loved them so much! The cards also have nice rounded corners now making them easier on little hands. The card faces got a bit of a make-over as well–a thicker black border, sharper final animal images, and double placement of all of the icons to make it easier to find and match symbols regardless of orientation.

Dinosaurs rule! Photo by Will James.

There have also been 25 more animals added to the set of cards, including a handful of extinct animals. My favorite of the new animals is, of course, the stegosaurus. Who doesn’t like dinosaurs?

For the most part, the rules of the game have stayed the same. Clark did share some in development add-on adult rules for me that sound very interesting that we’ll be giving a try soon. This new mode of gameplay is called “Zoo” and objective is to be the first player to build at least two zoo exhibits of four or more similar animals (eg. All herbivores or all animals that are endangered) and to use up all of their cards. This version of the game obviously requires a lot more strategy than the basic gameplay variants, but we look forward to giving it a try the next time we have a game night.

Zoo Webs is now available for purchase at their website, and I can highly recommend this game to both adults and children, especially for those with an affinity for animals and a conservation mindset. There is also apparel, stickers, wallets, and educational resources available on their site.

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