Kickstarter Alert: 'Evolutionary Tales': A Child's First Book on Evolution

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EvolutionaryTales-CoverEvolutionary Tales is a new book by Matt Cubberly with beautiful illustrations from May Villani that just launched on KickstarterEvolutionary Tales showcases ten very different animals and how they evolved and is a great introduction to evolution for young children.

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What the heck is patagium?

Although Evolutionary Tales relies on rhyming poems to make the stories easier to read and get across to young audiences, that doesn’t mean a lack of information a depth. The poems cover both fun and scientific topics seamlessly which makes this book great for a wide range of ages.

Love the scared bug-eyes.

Villani’s artwork is beautiful and portrays the animals in a mostly realistic way with just a touch of cute to grab young reader’s attention. There is a ton of fine detail to each scene that really showcases her talent.

Evolutionary Tales will be a 24 page full-color softcover book (though hardcover is one of the stretch goals), and, if successfully funded, will be delivered well before Christmas because the artwork is already 100% complete. Cubberly has already successfully Kickstarted and published another children’s book as well, so he knows what he’s doing. All of the book level pledges also include the eBook version so you’ll be able to always have it handy.

If you have any young children who love animals, nature, or science and want to get them a great book that will help them learn about evolution, jump on the Kickstarter now!

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