River of Pain

Two New Alien Books To Make Fans Scream

I’m a HUGE fan of the Alien movies — yes, the first movie will always be my favorite, but the other three all have their defining moments for the canon. And while I still believe there are plenty of places for the movie franchise to go (and I’m not counting the Prometheus franchise, although I’m excited to know it’s continuing), I’m happy passing the time with the occasional books/comics that continue to fill the void.

If you’re a fan as well, you’ll definitely want to check out two new books that have just been released by Titan Books… and a third that is due to hit shelves in a few more weeks.

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Out of the Shadows

Ellen Ripley Is Back!

Ripley is Ripley, and we’re not happy if she’s not blasting aliens out of airlocks, going ten rounds in a Powerloader suit, and nuking entire sites from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure, right? So, when Titan Books asked me if I’d like to give a read of their new official trilogy that takes place between the events of Alien and Aliens, I was a bit hesitant. I mean, we all know that Ripley floated peacefully along (with Jones) for 57 years before the salvage crew found the Narcissus. End of story, right? Well, apparently 20th Century Fox knows otherwise, and has contracted three authors, Tim Lebbon, James A. Moore, and Christopher Golden, to fill in the details.

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