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—————– I N C O M I N G     T R A N S M I S S I O N ——————-

TO: GeekDad
FROM: Weyland-Yutani PR
CC: Weyland-Yutani Legal
RE: Weyland-Yutani Report – Recall of Unsecured Copy

WY Report

Please be advised that an unauthorized review copy of the Weyland-Yutani Report was mistakenly shipped to one of your writing staff. The material contained in the report is for Clearance Level S2 and above; GeekDad.com currently maintains an S1 Clearance Level and lacks the proper authorization for examination or dissemination of the included materials.

Weyland-Yutani requires that all material provided with the report be returned immediately, and any staff who have examined the report must sign the attached non-disclosure agreement or be subject to penalties as defined by WY3041.22.X.1 and enforced by US Colonial Marine forces. The list of all materials to be returned with the hardbound, 168 page full color report include:


  • Detailed company timeline
  • Basic Life Cycle of the Xenomorph, including all photos and notes for the four stages of development
  • Excerpted transcripts from USS Sulaco (2179)
  • Classified data on ‘The Queen’
  • Complete dossiers on all key personnel involved in xenomorph encounters from 2122 to 2381
  • Complete dossiers on all artificial persons (AP) involved in xenomorph encounters
  • Detailed specs on specialized hardware used in all xenomorph encounters (weapons, medical, etc.)
  • Overview of [failed] Prometheus mission to Zeta II Reticuli system, LV-223
  • Scans and summary of ship encountered on LV-223 (aka The Juggernaut)
  • Analysis of race known as ‘the Engineers’ and technology examination
  • Ship specs and images for USCSS Nostromo
  • Examination of all events for crew of USCSS Nostromo
  • Lambert’s Incident Report (Classified) – inserted as separate document from report **
  • AP Ash’s initial interview with Kane and Dallas’ final log entry
  • Quotes from Ellen Ripley deposition (including more detailed biographical info)
  • Detailed incident examination of LV-426 (Hadley’s Hope) prior to USS Sulaco arrival    WY2
  • Memo from WY Director of Special Projects (Burke, Carter) requesting investigation of special site on LV-426
  • Four-page foldout showing USS Sulaco – classified data regarding ship configuration
  • LV-426 Medical report for initial infection of Marachuk, John J. — inserted as separate document from report **
  • Tech specs/2-page diagrams each for USCM weaponry – M41A Pulse Rifle, M56A Smartgun, M240 Incinerator
  • Two-page tech specs/diagram of UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship and ordinance (Classified)
  • Two-page tech specs/diagram of M577a Armored Personnel Carrier and ordinance (Classified)
  • AP Bishop – uploaded sequence of events for initial entry into LV-426 atmospheric processor
  • Cpl. Hicks transcript of final moments on LV-426 (Classified) – inserted as separate document from report **
  • Transcript, private discussion between Cpl. Hicks and AP Bishop in dropship re: Ellen Ripley search for Rebecca Jorden (aka Newt)
  • Power Loader detailed spec sheet
  • Examination of all events for Fiorina 161 including tech specs of 337 EEV (crashed, 2 fatalities, loss of AP Bishop)
  • Bios for all staff and inmates of Fiorina 161
  • Copy of Space Beast (fiction, 8 pages) by surviving inmate, Robert Morse – inserted as separate document from report **
  • Examination of all events for USM Auriga including key crew — military and science divisions
  • Two-page tech specs/diagram for Betty (Unlicensed, Capt. Frank Elgyn) and crew dossiers
  • Debriefing of Security Officer Y. Bose detailing research on USM Auriga – inserted as separate document from report **
  • Current research of Weyland-Yutani science division and discussions re: weaponizing xenomorphs and/or body parts
  • WY Standard Operating Procedures for obtaining a xenomorph specimen
  • Restatement of company interest in acquiring a live specimen

** indicates reference material not bound into report — an inventory will be made of all returned material and any non-bound items found to be missing will result in maximum penalties.

Please note that Weyland-Yutani has the highest respect for GeekDad.com and its writing staff, and the decision to recall the Weyland-Yutani Report should not be interpreted as a lack of trust in any handling of the confidential materials. Weyland-Yutani is aware that GeekDad.com readers look to the site for information on a variety of subjects, including those related to the xenomorph. For this reason, Weyland-Yutani has approved the following materials for GeekDad.com and its readers.

NOTE: Sharing of the following materials should be done in such a manner as to give the appearance that the historical information is fictional in nature and not based on any real persons or events.

30th Anniversary Aliens: The Original Comics Series (Dark Horse)

Aliens 30th Anniv

The actual events following the departure of USS Sulaco from LV-426 have long been classified by Weyland-Yutani. For this reason alone, the events described in the original Dark Horse comic series have been declassified and may be released as part of Weyland-Yutani’s continued disinformation policy. Thirty years later, Weyland-Yutani has approved the collection of the original issues as a single volume. Weyland-Yutani encourages the sharing of this information as it will undoubtedly help the company discredit the ‘truthers’ who reference the ‘facts’ in this book. No mention of the actual events on Fiorina 161 made it into this series, thus Weyland-Yutani has approved this new release for all clearance levels.







Alien: Invasion (The Rage Part 2) by Tim Lebbon


The transcripts for this ‘fictional’ account pick up right after the group of Colonial Marines landed on UMF 12, the Yautja (aka Predator) space station as detailed in the WY4271.34 historical documents.  Details of the Human/Yautja alliance are provided, including key events and personnel who were critical to the defense of the Human Sphere. Weyland-Yutani was given access to these documents and has been able to edit and censor (where necessary) to ensure the story will not reveal any critical information about the company’s desires regarding the xenomorphs. Changes to the facts were minimal, but the inclusion of the ‘Predator’ race almost guarantees that the general public will remain oblivious to the existence of this dangerous species and allow WY to continue researching both species. The final details of The Rage war will be released in September (2016); Weyland-Yutani is not concerned about the details of this encounter between humans, xenomorphs, predators, and [redacted] being taken as anything but pure fiction and the book has been approved for immediate release.



Alien Day (April 26, 2016)

Weyland-Yutani has approved the following press release and contest for all clearance levels:


ALIEN DAY (#AlienDay426) kicks off at 12 AM ET on April 26th with a 24-hour Twitter contest in which every 42.6 minutes a new ALIEN trivia question will be presented via the official Alien Anthology Twitter account, @AlienAnthology.

  • Each trivia question (35 over a 24-hour cycle) will have various prize packages from 20th Century Fox’s ALIEN franchise licensing partners including a Diamond Select Toys Reproduction Kenner 1979 Alien Figure (value $449), Sideshow Collectibles’ Alien Internecivus Raptus Statue ($500), ALIENS Power Loader Vehicle Replica from Hollywood Collectibles ($2000), Reebok’s Alien Stomper sneakers ($175); plus NECA Action figures, Zen Studios’ Alien vs Pinball digital pinball 3 pack, Dark Horse Alien franchise comics and much much more.
  • In advance of the trivia contest kickoff, fans must pre-register their Twitter handle at ALIEN Anthology (http://AlienAnthology.com), and to qualify to win corresponding prizes, participants must “Reply” to the initial “question tweet,” correctly answer the question, and include the hashtags #AlienDay426 and #Contest. A winner (or “winners” when multiple prizes are offered) will be selected for each of the questions. Please refer to “Official Rules” for additional detail.


Alienses (kidding… unnamed Neil Blomkamp Alien film)


Not much to report except that apparently Ridley Scott has asked Neil Blomkamp to hold off on any work with his possible Alien franchise film until Alien: Covenant (aka Prometheus 2) is released. Sigourney Weaver was quoted as saying that Blomkamp’s take is “an amazing script.” You can read more of the interview here. Not really a spoiler as much has been said about Blomkamp’s script that will take place AFTER Aliens and will feature a living, breathing Cpl Hicks and possibly adult Newt. Given that Weyland-Yutani knows the true story of all the events told in book and film, the company has graciously approved of the project and looks forward to enjoying Blomkamp’s fictional account of the further adventures of Ellen Ripley and friends.




Additional Approved Resources

NOTE: The following links have been approved by Weyland-Yutani for all clearance levels:

Alien: Isolation videogame – $49.99 (although on Alien Day here’s hoping Steam drops the price significantly)

Alien Illustrated

Predator: Incursion (Rage Book 1) review

Two New Alien Books to Make Fans Scream

Alien: The Illustrated Story

Prometheus Art Book

2 Books Completely Unrelated to Prometheus, That Not-Alien Movie

Alien: Out of the Shadows review



Note: Geekdad.com would like to thank Lauren and Insight Editions for providing a review copy of the Weyland-Yutani Report and Chris with Titan Books for the latest book in The Rage War.

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