The New Animated Series ‘Saving Me’ Explores Changing the Past Through Time Travel

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Have you ever considered how decisions you made in your youth may have affected you later in life? What if you could go back and time and help your younger self make better choices? Could you change the future, or once a decision is made, is it set forever? Consider these questions as you watch the new BYUtv animated series Saving Me

What Is Saving Me?

Saving Me is a family-friendly, animated series following the Bramble family. Older Bennett Bramble’s life is filled with regrets, so he builds a time machine and uses it to help the younger Bennett to become the good guy he should have become. However, the question is how do you help someone become better when you’ve spent so many years being rotten? The entire Bramble family is very interesting. The parents, Mark and Carla, have their own secret lives and jobs their children know nothing about. Older brother Liam is driven to win, whether in sports or video games, but his family comes first. Sophie, the younger sister, not only has a huge imagination but knows how to turn her dreams into reality—which can cause problems. The younger Bennett is an 11-year-old inventor who has just built his first robot, edee 1. He will eventually grow up to be an evil super genius—unless his older self can intervene and help him make better choices. 

Episode 1
Old Bennett Bramble and edee 34. Image courtesy of BYUtv.

The first season is currently airing on BYUtv on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. ET and 4:30 p.m. PT. All 10 episodes are also streaming at as well as on the BYUtv app. Saving Me is created and written by Aaron Johnston with Andra Johnson Duke, Michael A. Dunn, Aaron Johnston, Kelly Loosli, and Roddy McManus as executive producers. It is directed by Greg Bailey and produced for BYUtv by Sphere Animation. Over one hundred artists located in Quebec and throughout Canada have contributed to the series. The second season of 10 more episodes will release next year. Principal voice actors include Ivan Sherry (Inspector Gadget), Adam Sanders (Clifford the Big Red Dog), Jonathan Tan (My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale), Amariah Faulkner (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood), Ana Sani (Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City), Dan Chameroy (Hotel Transylvania: The Series), Cory Doran (Total DramaRama) and Jamie Watson (True and the Rainbow Kingdom).

Episode image
Young Bennett Bramble and a friend with edee 1. Image courtesy of BYUtv.

Why You Should See Saving Me

Saving Me is a fun and entertaining series that the entire family can enjoy. It has the feel of a Disney Channel show and appeals to all ages. I really like the idea of second chances as the older Bennett encourages the younger Bennett to take time to think of others rather than himself and to put his skills as a genius inventor to work to help people. Though things don’t always work out as they plan them, in the end, both Bennetts become better people.

Saving Me is a perfect show to watch together as a family. For those families with younger children, the episodes can also lead to some great conversations. For example, in the first episode, Bennett’s younger sister Sophie is scared of what she thinks are monsters in her closet, so Bennett creates a helmet that eliminates fear. However, Sophie then puts herself in dangerous situations since she has no fear. This could lead to a conversation about how it is okay to be afraid, but that we can overcome our fears. In the end, it is Bennett himself and not his inventions that help Sophie.  

BYUtv offers some incredible shows that are all appropriate for families with all ages of children. My family has enjoyed watching The Canterville Ghost (perfect for the Halloween season), Ruby and the Well, and their new series How I Got Here. While I have only watched a few of the episodes of Saving Me, I am already impressed and look forward to watching the remaining episodes of the first season as well as season two next year. I highly recommend Saving Me for families and individuals looking for a fun and entertaining show that leaves you feeling good at the end. 

Be sure to watch Saving Me on BYUtv and streaming at as well as on the BYUtv app. Here is a sneak peek at the show:

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