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Spend Halloween Night Watching the Premiere of ‘The Canterville Ghost’ on BYUtv

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The ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville has haunted the inhabitants of his castle for hundreds of years. When a family of Americans buys the property, Sir Simon pulls out all the stops to scare them to death—or at least across the pond. Unfortunately for Sir Simon, the Otis family is not only unafraid but appreciates his spectral efforts. The Otises’ are not without their own problems and the Canterville host might be the solution. The Otises and Sir Simon may need to help each other whether they like it or not.

What Is The Canterville Ghost?

The Canterville Ghost is a four-part, family-friendly series that focuses on three families: the American Otises, the aristocratic Cantervilles, and the Romani Lovells. It is based on the short story of the same title written by Oscar Wilde and first published in 1887. This latest vision of The Canterville Ghost is set during the current 21st century where the newly arrived American family finds themselves in a centuries-old castle amidst a society still dictated by traditions nearly as old. Sir Simon de Canteville was entombed alive within the walls of the castle for murdering his wife. Until this arrival of the most recent residents of the castle, Sir Simon has given wonderful performances of ghostly terror to drive out all other mortal inhabitants. However, the Otises are a different lot. Desensitized by modern media, they turn the tables on the unsuccessful spirit.

Otises at party
The Otises think the in-home party at the Cantervilles is a potluck. Image courtesy of BYUtv.

Anthony Head stars as the ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville, with Laurel Waghorn playing at Virginia Otis. James Lance plays Hiram Otis, Caroline Catz as Lucy Otis, and Lord Cecil Canterville is played by Jack Bardoe. Cesspit the rat is voiced by Jonty Stephens. The series is directed by Paul Gibson, written by Jude Tindall and Suri Krishnamma, and produced by Sue Howells for BBC Studios Productions. The first episode premieres Sunday, October 31st, exclusively on BYUtv at 9 ET/ 6 PT as well as on the BYUtv website and apps.

Sir Simon
The Ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville played by Anthony Head. Image courtesy of BYUtv.

Be Sure to See The Canterville Ghost

I had the opportunity to view the first episodes in the series and was very impressed with The Canterville Ghost. I can’t wait to see the rest of the series. The story combines humor with drama. For example, as the Otises move into the castle, the children—who consist of a 22-year-old law student and 12-year-old twin boys—discover that the property has absolutely no cell signal. The father describes it as a Bermuda Triangle of technology. Such a predicament would be torture to the youth of today. Anthony Head does a great job as Sir Simon as he takes on various roles to try to scare the Otises, including Reckless Rupert the Headless Earl and the Corpse Snatcher of Chertsey Barn. In fact, the ghost behaves more like an actor than a scary specter. I highly recommend The Canterville Ghost as a great series that is fun for the entire family and should not be missed. The first episode premieres Halloween night on BYUtv.

Check out the trailer for The Canterbury Ghost.

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  1. We watched Canterville Ghost tonight and loved it. Can’t wait to view the other three episodes. When will they be available?

    1. I believe they are will be one episode each week for the next three Sundays. I am happy to hear your enjoyed it as well.

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