Young Adults Travel With Their Parents to Discover ‘How I Got Here’

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As a high school history teacher, I have taught many students over the years about famous people, events, and various cultures, both in the United States as well as around the world. Yet one of my favorite assignments I have given is for students to research their own history. I have enjoyed learning about these students as they learn more about themselves.

One student shared how a not-so-distant relative was involved in the plot to assassinate Hitler. (Remember the officer played by Tom Cruise in Valkyrie? That’s him.) The mother of two of my students grew up in Ukraine when it was a part of the USSR and shared with her daughters how she was persecuted because her family was Christian.

Not only do I enjoy learning more about my students, but I am also rewarded as they get excited when history comes alive for them and they learn that ancestors came through Ellis Island or Angel Island as they immigrated or experienced first-hand events we learn about in our class. Many also have a desire to know how their family came to America and from where they immigrated. Therefore, I am excited about a new series on BYUtv called How I Got Here.

Simona & Vivian Sasova model traditional Slovakian wear. Image courtesy of BYUtv.

What Is How I Got Here?

How I Got Here is a family-friendly, fast-paced travel show where young adults accompany immigrant parents back to their country of origin. During their 10-day trip of a lifetime, they enjoy stunning views and local cuisine. Both the parent and the child relive the sacrifice, struggle, and dramatic circumstances that led their families to where they are now. The 10-episode first season premieres on BYUtv on Sunday, October 2nd at 1:30 pm Eastern (10:30 am Pacific) with the first episode and the second episode at 5 pm Eastern (2 pm Pacific). Future episodes will release on the following Sundays. These episodes will also be available on the BYUtv app and the same day they air.

An instructor & Shetin Adams perform a Ghanaian dance. Image courtesy of BYUtv.

Why You Should See How I Got Here

How I Got Here follows 10 families to a variety of different countries including Serbia, Slovakia, Italy, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Mexico, Chile, and Israel. During each hour-long episode, it is interesting to watch the children as they see a completely different side of their parents and learn about their heritage and cultures. The stories of how and why the parents immigrated to the United States are also touching and really help their children appreciate the sacrifices that were made so they could have a better life. 

Maya & Leo Suzuki enjoy an Israeli dinner. Image courtesy of BYUtv.

I had the opportunity to watch one episode of How I Got Here. In it, Mannasseh travels back to Zambia with his mother Nelly. There he meets his great grandmother and is empowered by the connection to his family and heritage. Mannasseh studies music and theater in college back in Texas and is empowered as he learns a traditional Zambian dance. While family can bring love as well as pain, Mannasseh also learns how his family helped support his mother and himself as they immigrated from Africa to America. After that one episode, I can’t wait to watch two more on Sunday where we will be taken to Zimbabwe with Fikile and her dad Bangane and then Italy with John and his son Michael. 

Aleksander & Sebastian Stajic try out threshing in Serbia. Image courtesy of BYUtv.

I highly recommend taking the time to sit down with your family and watch How I Got Here when it is broadcast on Sundays or finding a more convenient time and viewing it on either the BYUtv app or online at I am very impressed with what I have seen of the series so far. Not only will you enjoy it, your family may want to learn how they got here as well.

Be sure to watch How I Got Here when it premieres on BYUtv on Sunday, October 2nd at 1:30 pm Eastern (10:30 am Pacific). Here is a trailer for the show.

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