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WaterField Introduces the Analogue Pocket Pouch

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While I missed out on the original pre-order window for the highly sought-after Analogue Pocket, I did manage to get in on December’s rerelease of the designer throwback handheld. (As such, I am anxiously awaiting fulfillment in the nebulous “Q1 2022.”) In the meantime, I’ve been on the hunt for some proper accessories to pair with my pricey new system, and the pickings are sadly slim.

Aside from Analogue’s own offerings—DAW cables, cartridge adaptors, the system dock, and that absolute brick of a hard case—there simply aren’t a lot of options out there specifically for the Pocket. Sure, the overall dimensions of the device itself mean that several of my classic Game Boy storage solutions can work in a pinch, but given the sizable investment this system represents, I’m much more interested in a tailor-made solution.

Thankfully, that GeekDad go-to for quality bags and cases, San Francisco’s WaterField Designs, heard the cries of the gaming community and put its team to work designing a safe, stylish way to travel with your Analogue Pocket.

waterfield analogue pocket pouch closure
image: WaterField

Much like the superb Slip Case for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, the Analogue Pocket Pouch offers maximum protection with minimum bulk. A plush interior cradles the Analogue Pocket, shielding its screen and body from damage and debris, while hidden magnets make the Pouch a cinch to open and close.

An exterior zippered pocket gives you a nice place to store those valuable game cartridges, and there are even reinforced connector points to add a wrist loop, sling strap, or carabiner. Color and construction options include WaterField’s classic black ballistic nylon, as well as a multi-tonal 800 D Forza textile in blue, red, and green.

Priced at $49, the Analogue Pocket Pouch is obviously a premium product, but given WaterField’s reputation for quality, it’s a wise investment for those of us planning to, y’know, actually play our fancy new game systems. The only catch is, like the Analogue Pocket itself, this accessory is available in limited supply.

While the February stock is already spoken for, ordering now secures you a shiny new Pocket Pouch scheduled to ship on March 11—which is a good bit more precise than the Q1 2022 release window of my corresponding Analogue Pocket.

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