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WaterField’s New Slip Case Is a Perfect Fit for the Nintendo Switch Lite

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Waterfield Slip Case

The release of a new Nintendo handheld system means, among other things, renewing my search for the perfect gaming accessories. But don’t cry for me, GeekDad community, for this is a mission I relish!

Out of the gate, the Nintendo Switch Lite saw some serviceable storage solutions from all the usual suspects—the likes of Hori and PDP—as well as some lesser-known players. They’re all fine for what they are, but for something spectacular I looked no further than San Francisco’s WaterField Designs.

While the WaterField team was already hard at work retooling some of their previous Switch products—like the fan-favorite Cityslicker and their mononymous Pouch—for last month’s Switch Lite release, they also took the opportunity to launch yet another community-designed project. This resulted in the brand new, exclusive Slip Case for Nintendo Switch Lite.

What makes this different from the other cases on the market? In a word: everything.

While available in WaterField’s more traditional black ballistic nylon or brown waxed canvas, the exterior of the Slip Case also comes in three additional Luna textiles meant to provide a pop of color to complement the launch colors of the Switch Lite itself. The vibrant crimson and cobalt are perfectly striking, but I actually opted for the more subdued slate. All three are treated with a special water- and stain-repellent Nanotex finish to assure they remain colorfast without compromising their warm, supple feel.

WaterField Slip Case in Cobalt
image: WaterField Designs

Inside you’ll find a cushioned ultra-plush liner to prevent scratching the sensitive touchscreen, complete with a pair of reinforced storage pockets on either side. These internal pockets are positioned to softly support the system screen and help protect the face buttons and analog sticks from impact, with the larger sized to store WaterField’s own 10-game cartridge holder and the smaller for incidentals like your earbuds and cleaning cloth.

The true star of the show, though, is the case-length, snag-free magnetic closure that secures your system and other contents safely inside. That means there’s no noisy zipper to negotiate, and it allows you to plug in the Switch Lite’s USB C charge cable to the device even with it still stored within the Slip Case.

The case is finished with a small exterior leather loop, for use with a carabiner or wrist strap, and a matching full-grain leather grip attached to the bottom bearing WaterField’s iconic branding. All this combined gives the Slip Case an elegant, mature look not normally seen in video game cases, and it definitely favors a designer bag more strongly than its system-storing counterparts from other brands; which is, truthfully, not exactly surprising for a WaterField product.

Inside the Slip Case
image: WaterField Designs

This, of course, also means it comes with a heftier price tag. Regardless of color or material, the Slip Case for Nintendo Switch Lite will set you back $59. Given WaterField’s reputation for quality, that’s certainly not unreasonable. The only caveat is that, despite its durability and ample cushioning, the Slip Case remains a soft-shell system case.

It’s more than enough to keep your Switch Lite safe from bumps and scrapes inside your everyday bag or even carrying it by hand during your commute, but there is still the potential for severe drop damage. You can mitigate this by using a secondary protector—like Hori’s DuraFlexi, which the case easily accommodates—or you can simply check out the competition’s shockproof hard-shell options. These are abundant, but, sadly, lack the undeniable style of the WaterField offerings.

WaterField Designs Slip Cases
image: WaterField Designs

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