Review – Icon and Rocket: Season One #2 – The Saviors of Dakota

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Icon and Rocket #2 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Icon and Rocket: Season One #2 – Reginald Hudlin, Writer; Doug Braithwaite, Penciller; Andrew Currie, Inker; Brad Anderson, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: The first issue of this revival of Dwayne McDuffie’s Milestone property was a low-key but compelling affair, introducing us to the two characters who would become Icon and Rocket. This issue blows that world wide open and reveals a much larger universe. Icon and Rocket have wasted no time cleaning up their corner of Dakota, eliminating drugs from the streets and protecting the residents. That’s raised the attention of the local drug lords, who have gotten their hands on some powerful weaponry that leads to an excellent fight sequence. But they’re not the only players concerned about two superheroes making Dakota their home—a pair of police officers are investigating the “illegal vigilantes,” going so far as to intimidate Rocket’s mother. But Augustus Freeman leaves nothing to chance, and soon Rocket’s mother finds herself with a powerful, possibly not entirely human attorney protecting the home.

Salvation. Via DC Comics.

But this issue isn’t just concerned with the present day. It’s equally interested in Augustus’ long history, which we learn about through a mysterious figure with ties to the United States government. We know the man who would be Icon first landed on Earth during the days of southern slavery, and this issue reveals the way he influenced history. From his initial rebellion that led to him creating a small black free state for escaped slaves, to the attack on his sanctuary, to his eventual march on the heart of the Confederacy, it’s one of the most thrilling segments in a DC comic in some time. The end of this issue carves a very clear line between this Milestone universe and the DCU—this is one where everything is up for grabs, where history didn’t happen as we know it. It’s a new world, albeit one with a lot of unanswered questions, and this issue took this series to one of my most anticipated DC books every month.

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