Review – Metal Men #5: The Converts

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Metal Men #5
Metal Men #5 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Metal Men #5 – Dan Didio, Writer; Shane Davis, Artist; Michelle Delecki, Inker; Jason Wright, Colorist


Ray – 7.5/10

Ray: It’s a tale of two narratives in Metal Men #5, as Dan Didio’s sci-fi robot adventure splits its title team. Tin and Lead are off at a comic convention that’s been hijacked by the dual threats of Mother Machine and OMAC, while the rest of the group is dealing with the dueling machinations of Will Magnus of the Nth Metal Man. The first story is the more standard of the two, as the return of this extremely obscure villain from the short-lived Blackhawks title from the New 52 returns with a plan to convert the entire population into robots.

No affiliation to the similarly motivated Machine Queen, the dangerous Swamp Thing villain. OMAC showed up in the middle of this, and the threat of New Genesis tech being converted to the villain’s side leads the long-missing hero to make a major sacrifice. The two Metal Men in the middle of this are mostly relegated to forming wacky shapes to trap henchmen.

Cyber showdown. Via DC Comics.

Far more interesting is the dialogue-driven segment as Magnus’ rivalry with the newest addition to the team continues. The Nth Metal Man has already converted Gold to be a free robot, as a way to resurrect him, but now he’s set his eyes on the less-seriously damaged Mercury and Iron. He “awakens” them as well, but Mercury is less thrilled with this than his brothers. Will clearly views this as a threat to his control over the team, and it’s hard to say who we should be rooting for. Both clearly view the other Metal Men as pawns, something that is made very clear by their treatment of Tina, aka Platinum.

Will orders her around and degrades her, while the Nth Metal Man emotionally manipulates her. It feels like this series is reaching for something very compelling, but it tends to get bogged down a little too much in action-driven side plots. But there are some very interesting questions still waiting to be answered here.

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