Review: ‘Black’s Myth’ #1 — A Neo Punk Detective Series

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Eric Palicki (Writer) Wendell Cavalcanti (Artist) Liana Kangas (Cover Artist)

Black’s Myth #1 is a black-and-white comic about Janie Jones, a female werewolf detective.

“Strummer Jones” has decided to establish herself on the streets of LA. If you would want to begin a classic-styled detective noir story with hints of fantasy and magical creatures, you would certainly start here.

She begins by working regularly on those boring chores that detectives usually do: chasing cheaters, finding scumbags, and the like. That is, until someone who knows where she will be lodges a silver bullet in her chest.

That means trouble.

Of course, she has a charming djinn assistant by the name of Ben Sila’t who takes such an attempt on the life of her boss kind of personally.

When he starts making his inquiries, he begins by questioning a suspect, only to find him dead almost instantly afterward. Hint: the dead guy has a tattoo on his wrist—some kind of symbol.

So we begin on a quest: how many silver bullets have been used, and just where do silver bullets come from, anyway?

Who knows Strummer Jones is in town? Why are they trying to destroy her? And why send amateurs to do the job when she is more than capable of shredding them to pieces?

This comic has a sufficient Sandman vibe to it for me to be curious about the next issues…

Issue one also features a stunning variant cover by Jamal Igle (The Wrong Earth).

Black’s Myth #1 is available now.

AVAILABLE: July 7, 2021





Featured image by Wendell Cavalcanti, all images belong to Ahoy Comics

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