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Epic D&D Adventures, Minis, and Tons of Content With the Latest ‘Dungeon in a Box’ Subscription

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Looking for inspiration for your D&D adventures? Can’t quite find the time to plan, prepare, and panic over the complex details of your homebrew campaign? Then Dungeon in a Box might just be the perfect subscription box for you. And now there’s a brand new campaign for this year to keep those boxes coming.

What is Dungeon in a Box?

Dungeon in a Box is a monthly subscription box for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Every box includes a short campaign book featuring an original 24-page D&D adventure, two maps, terrain tiles, exclusive sculpted minis, buildable 3D terrain, and more. Each box also includes a set of Skinny Minis—a recently kickstarted type of gaming mini that is durable, portable, and colorful for easy immersive gameplay.
dungeon in a box

Each month a brand new box arrives in the post and includes the next installment of your ongoing D&D adventures. This year’s story is Voyage of the Fallen Star, and every month you’ll receive the next installment of the campaign, along with everything you’ll need to make your game sessions exciting, surprising, and memorable.

What’s in the box?

The first box in this year’s D&D adventures subscription box includes:

  • “The Star Tide” Voyage of the Fallen Star, Adventure #1 for 1st and 2nd level characters
  • Port City, Ancient Temple, and Ship encounter battle maps
  • The Great Sea World Map
  • Exclusive “Skinny Mini” character monster tokens
  • Buildable 3D terrain tiles
  • Two exclusive 32mm scale sculpted miniatures
  • Astral Compass Adventure Tracker
  • Special Legacy cards and stickers that shape your character’s fate!
  • Wondrous One-Shot Adventure
The subscription for this box is $33 per month if you commit to a year’s subscription and it’s well worth it, if only for the unique minis or one-shots. However, if that’s a little more than your budget allows, for $11.95 per month you can get the digital copy of the adventures and maps, or for $17 you can get the minis in a box subscription that includes all the digital content as well as the unique sculpted minis.
This was my second Dungeon in a Box, and, while I was impressed with the initial one last year, this is still an improvement. The sculpted 3D minis are now unique and exclusive, and both are new brand new models which I hadn’t come across earlier. I was particularly impressed with the Dragonskull Hermit Crab, and am looking forward to painting it and terrorizing my players with a innocent looking crab that turns into a dragon!
And don’t worry, although the year has already begun, no matter when you sign up for Dungeon in a Box, you get sent every adventure in the year-long adventure arc. So if you sign up today, you’ll be sent the first box in this adventure arc. That will be followed by the second box the next month, and so on, until the thrilling conclusion 12 months later.
D&D adventures
The unique sculpted minis you get in the first box are a cool tabaxi pirate and dragon skull hermit crab.
dungeon in a box
In each dungeon in a box you’ll also get a fantastic map of the Great Sea—I love a good map and this will go in the collection ready for future adventures when my players decide they want a pirate adventure halfway through a campaign.
D&D adventures
The pop-out 3D terrain you get inside each box is easy to assemble and tailored to the adventure. Here we’ve got some useful crates for the pirate ship and some exotic looking arrow traps.
Dungeon in a box
Each Dungeon in a Box set comes with these awesome skinny minis. I’m really impressed with the quality of these 2D (ish) minis, and they’re constantly bringing out new designs so your collection will soon grow.

Wondrous One-Shot

The box I received also included a fun one-shot adventure, The Toymaker’s Gift, as well as a skinny mini Toy Golem. The one-shot is a really fun story and a perfect quick adventure that would be an ideal D&D one-shot for a new dungeon master or if your gaming group wants to change things up for a one-off session. It’s designed for a party of 3rd or 4th level characters, and is based around a Midwinter festival. It includes a scavenger hunt, three brand new monster stat blocks, and a cool final battle against the animated toy golem. Each monthly Dungeon in a Box set comes with one of these wondrous one-shot D&D adventures, so there’s plenty of adventuring content each month.

D&D adventures
At the end of the wondrous one-shot adventure, your party will face off against a towering pile of toys turned bad.


Once again, I was really impressed by this year’s Dungeon in a Box, and would certainly recommend it to new dungeon masters looking for original D&D adventures, or for anyone who wants to run a campaign but doesn’t have the time to spend planning or preparing it. You’ll still need a Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, and some players to torture, but you’ll find everything else delivered right to your door once a month.


Disclaimer: GeekDad received a copy of Dungeon in a Box for review purposes.


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