Lords of Vegas 10th Anniversary banner

Kickstarter Quick Picks: ‘Lords of Vegas 10th Anniversary’

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Lords of Vegas 10th Anniversary banner

Lords of Vegas has been around for 10 years, which sounds almost ancient these days with the volume of games that are published each year. But even in 2013 when I finally got around to writing about it, Kickstarter was already on the rise. Well, now Lords of Vegas is on Kickstarter itself, with something special for its 10th anniversary: a new Underworld expansion, plus opportunities to get the base game and the previous expansion, Up!

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Lords of Vegas briefcase
The Boss Bundle briefcase (prototype). Image: Lone Shark Games

Or, if you really want to go all-in, there’s the “Boss Bundle” tier (with or without the base game), which will include a fancy briefcase for the game, including nice poker chips and some custom tokens like cars for the parking lots.

Aside from the boss bundle, the base game (and the Up! expansion) will both be the same as before, so if you already own the game, you don’t need to buy it again, but the Underworld expansion is all-new and adds the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas to the game. There’s a new set of cards that are revealed during play, and you can spend money to acquire them to gain points, earn more money over time, or give you other abilities. You can take a peek at the print and play to get an idea of how it works.

I haven’t gotten to play the new expansion myself yet (quarantine gaming makes everything take longer than usual) but I wanted to share it in case you’ve missed it. There are just a few days left in the campaign—if you like games about Vegas, this one’s a pretty safe bet. Visit the Lords of Vegas Kickstarter page for more info or to make a pledge!

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