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David Sirlin, the designer of the Fantasy Strike family of games (Yomi, Puzzle Strike, and Flash Duel) is hosting his first Fantasy Strike Expo in San Francisco, June 7-9. The expo will have both tournament and casual play of all three tabletop games as well as videogame tournaments for Street Fighter HD Remix and Puzzle Fighter HD Remix, which Sirlin worked on.

As a bonus, Sirlin will also be showcasing two games in development:

  • Pandante, a panda-themed gambling game based on lying
  • Codex, a not-collectable, yes-customizable card game that’s been in the works for a LONG time

For more information about FSX, read the announcement thread on the Fantasy Strike website. Early bird registration (for $30) ends on April 15, and if you use the discount code SGF you can get a better rate at the Embassy Suites Hotel (plus you let the hotel know that you’re there for the event and this really helps the expo, too!).


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