Mastering RPG Storytelling With ‘Triniton’ (Sponsored+Giveaway)

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Image: Triniton
Image: Triniton

Every new Game Master must face a trial by fire the first time they sit at a table, surrounded by eager players. Designing a campaign, or storyline, for the party has many pitfalls. Challenges include setting the mood, making the world come alive, and challenging characters to make meaningful decisions. Other storytelling elements a GM should understand include tropes, ethics, morals, and consequences. To highlight these challenges, we’ll explore the Triniton adventure, specifically designed for learning to play tabletop RPGs.

To start on a clear battleground, we’re putting spoilers on the table. This article is for GMs, rather than players, so we’ll be exploring how to use the Triniton adventure. Players should skip to the bottom for the giveaway and let the GM deal with this content. Players should read our first post about Triniton, to learn more. We’ll assume the GM already has a group etc. and focus on telling the story instead of playing the game.

Just for the DM

With Triniton, a Game Master can practice the skills they need to play any game. Head over to their website to order the game, and be sure to enter the early bird giveaway below!

Giveaway details:

This early bird giveaway with feature 5 prizes:

  1. One full set (Adventure+Soundtrack+Short Story+Deck of Cards),
  2. One Adventure (Two winners)
  3. One custom deck of Triniton cards (Two winners)

Prize winners were selected randomly on Black Friday (11/25)!

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