Cats Empire Strategy Game

Need a Break From Reality? ‘Cats Empire’ Is Here to Help


Cats Empire Strategy Game

Let’s face it, the world is kinda crazy right now. Between the news headlines and the social media infighting, sometimes you just need a break from reality. A strategy game about cats might not be your first instinct, but even though Cats Empire is designed with kids in mind, it may just be the distraction you need.

In the new release from Spil Games, you steal fish, attack other cats, grow your tribe, and care for your minions to become king. According to the company’s press release, the game can be described as follows:

Cats Empire is a quirky and creative strategy game where you control a band of wacky, mischievous cats as they raid rival tribes! Develop a sneaky strategy to claw your way up the leaderboard as you go for glory in Whiskertown. Upgrade your lovable four-legged friends to improve their skills, or simply crossbreed two cats to create a new breed of fish-stealing felines!

While it’s not exactly designed in the same style as Clash of Clans, Cats Empire will still hold appeal for fans of strategy and clan-building games alike. Great art and easy-to-learn gameplay help to set this kid-friendly game apart from others in the crowded digital marketplace. Plus, you know, cats.

Following the lead of other successful games, Cats Empire is free to download with the option of in-app purchases which allow you to gain items and unlock certain features. The game was release November 17, 2016, and is available to download on iTunes or Google Play. And if cats aren’t your speed, then be on the lookout for Spil’s upcoming game based on Luc Besson’s Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets movie this summer.


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