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Big Book of Cyberpunk Battle Mats from Loke

I write a lot about Dungeons & Dragons, but I also play other tabletop RPGs too. Sometimes I even stray from fantasy-based games into modern, cyberpunk, and straight out sci-fi genres. I have even been known to GM a game of Numenera, Starfinder, Star Trek Adventures, or Star Wars: Edge of the Empire from time to time.

But the majority of kits I have at my disposal are D&D based. I have plenty of monsters, minifigures, and maps perfect for playing D&D, but sometimes you need something little different to create the right tone.

Thankfully the good people at Loke Battle Mats have me covered.

cyberpunk battle mats

You might recognize the name. Loke is a UK-based company that specialize in making books of battle mats that include all manner of maps ready for your tabletop games. I recently reviewed the Dungeon Books of Battle Maps which were ideal for D&D and soon they will be releasing their Cyberpunk version.

60 Pages of Battle Mats for Tabletop RPGS

Modern and Post-Apocalyptic battle mats abound in this book, and they’re ideal to keep your party rolling through any sci-fi adventure.

The Big Book of Cyberpunk Battle Mats includes 60 wipe-clean page maps that will take you through the shadows of neon streets; deep into dark murder alleyways; through bars, supermarkets, and offices; across abandoned train yards and warehouses; and of course into the unrelenting bleak wilderness of a post apocalyptic world. Expect to find danger, excitement, and rewards.

Designed to spark the imagination, illustrate adventure, and track encounters, the Big Book of Cyberpunk Battle Mats offers endless flexibility all on 1-inch-gridded maps. You can use each page individually by folding the book in half or use the lay flat spine to combine complimentary opposing pages as one larger two-page version.

Cyberpunk battle mats
Loke Cyberpunk Battle Mats are perfect for battling robots on empty streets…
cyberpunk battle mats
…fleeing from zombies in a supermarket…
cyberpunk battle mats
…or summoning Orcus, Lord of Undeath, in a helipad


The Big Book of Cyberpunk Battle Mats is the latest in a line of books of maps produced by Loke. Here at GeekDad we’ve reviewed many of them—from Dungeon books to very big Dungeon books and sci-fi ones too—and the reviews are always very positive. That’s because of the versatility and usefulness of these books; they’re well made and clearly designed by people who actually play these games too.

I know I’ll be using my collection of battle mat books all the time in my future RPG games, they have now become an essential part of my DM/GM toolkit.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of the Big Book of Cyberpunk Battle Mats for review purposes.

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