Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: ‘Jurassic World’ Live Tour Interview

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Hosting a live podcast with kids can be tricky. I often react on the fly to something they say that changes the conversation in an instant. As such, we don’t do many interviews. Plus, interviews need to be engaging both with topic and interviewee so the kids can stay focused. Thankfully, talking with someone from Feld Entertainment’s Jurassic World Live Tour, we found an exciting balance!

Listen here and hear the conversation!

Seriously, how could this conversation not be awesome? Look at that image? Those dinosaurs look incredible! We start by talking about the show and quickly move to dinosaurs, fire, flamethrowers, dinosaurs eating people, cool merchandise, motorcycles, and pyro! It is every kid’s dream!

And, yes, of course I ask if I can ride a dinosaur. (Spoiler Alert: No, I can’t).

The Jurassic World Live Tour is on tour now. You can see when it hits your city here.

Seriously, they won’t let me ride one.

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