Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: Step in Time With a ‘Mary Poppins’ Sing-Along

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Our family sees a lot of movies. It’s a prime bonding activity. For the most part we see current run fare (like Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom or Incredibles 2) but occasionally step back with classics (like Back to the Future or Close Encounters of the Third Kind). We’ve never gone to a specific sing-along, however. Usually when you sing along in a movie theater, you get someone yelling at you to shut up (and, honestly, that’s probably the right call). When the Tampa Theater put a sing-along Mary Poppins on the schedule, however, we knew it was an experience we couldn’t pass up.

This week we also welcome our first ever guest—Jill Witecki, Director of Marketing at the Tampa Theater. After signing along with the movie, we sat down with her and discussed all sorts of topics with her.

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