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Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: Incredibles 2

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My kids are at an odd age (or, odd ages) for movies. My 11 year old wants to see every PG-13 thing that opens. My 6 year old just wants to do whatever the 11 year old can do. The opportunity to get a movie that comes out that they both can see (and, even better, both like) is extremely rare. Either it’s too much for the young one to handle (like Avengers: Infinity War) or something that the older one has absolutely no interest in.

Every so often something comes around that piques both of their interests and spot in life. Things like Wrinkle In Time or Star Wars: The Last Jedi). Right now Incredibles 2 fits the description. But, just because the both want to see something doesn’t mean they’ll both like it. Did Incredibles 2 freak out the little one? Bore the big one? Find out on this week’s show!

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