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I consider Back to the Future to be pretty close to a perfect movie. It works on every level and after many (many) re-watches I can still find some element that I missed before.

I had never show my 11 year old. I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment. Well, a few sick days from school (Darth Vader came down from the planet Vulcan and melted his brain) gave me the opportunity. He ended up being out for three days, so naturally I showed him all three. Might as well give him the full experience.

I wasn’t full prepared for the results. I should have learned my lesson after the Raiders episode (or, really, the subsequent follow up episode where I showed him the next two). Marty learns lessons (like when he sees the bullet proof vest on a Western in the alternate 1985 and then uses it in Part III) but I never seem to do so. My son, it turns out, has a habit of ranking movies in a bad way (and it always catches me by surprise). Luckily, the power of love means I won’t disown him. Yet.

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