GBBP 130: Chelsea Cain

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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 130: Chelsea Cain

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Ask me about my feminist agenda. Go ahead. If you’re a comics fan–and in particular a Marvel fan–you know where those six words come from. Six seemingly innocuous words that really, in any rational world, shouldn’t be controversial at all. But when they appeared on the cover of the final issue of Marvel’s Mockingbird, it created a firestorm online.

Chelsea Cain bore the brunt of that controversy and was the target of more online vitriol than should be legally allowed. The abuse was enough to drive her off Twitter (though she’s since returned) and leave a foul aftertaste for most (rational, right-thinking) fans.

On top of that, the fact that Mockingbird was one of the most enjoyable stories Marvel was putting out and was criminally short-lived at only eight issues (and canceled after three) is the real injustice here.

On today’s show, we chat with Cain about her recent Eisner Award nominations for Mockingbird, making the shift from novelist to comic book writer, her future in the industry and what book she might write next, why fans of other genres aren’t as vocal, how she’s learned to deal with Twitter’s abuse problem, Portland, and butter. That last one doesn’t go wherever you think it might.


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