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Re-Roll: This Week’s Tabletop Game News

Geek Culture Re-Roll Tabletop Games

Here are the latest announcements and stories that caught our eyes this week:

  • Five Tribes is graced by another expansion from Days of Wonder. This one, called Whims of the Sultan, features six new tiles (five cities and a great lake) and a couple of new Djinns. Additionally, there are 22 Whim cards, which players use to find out what the Sultan desires. Finally, with Whims of the Sultan, players can now play Five Tribes with five players.
  • Coming to stores a week from today is Gekido: Bot Battles from CMON. Gekido is a game where players attempt to controller their robots in pitched battles against an opponent. Attacks and damage are controlled by dice rolls and, unfortunately, the technology is new, so a mistimed attach might do more damage to you than your opponent. But that’s not the only thing that can affect a battle. The arena is riddled with turrets, exploding tiles, and more.
  • There are a couple of major expansions that Fantasy Flight announced this past week. Heart of the Empire brings the Imperial Assault to the Emperor’s home of Coruscant. Skirmish or campaign, the choice is yours when Heart of the Empire drops Q3 this year.
  • One of Fantasy Flight’s other big Star Wars games is Rebellion. It, too, gets an expansion, also dealing with the bad guys. Rise of the Empire is based largely on the characters and events in Rogue One. As long as you have hope, you’ll be able to make it to Q3 when this expansion arrives.
  • Origins Game Fair announced their list of nominees for awards to be decided at their Ohio-based convention in June.
  • IDW announced a Gen Con release of Outpost: Siberia–a cooperative survival horror game. The title is designed by Jon Gilmour (co-designer, Dead of Winter) and Daryl Andrews (Sagrada). Players take on roles, each with a special ability. They will collect from their environment and deal with events and threats. The compact card game will come in a collector’s tin and retail for just $19.99.

At GeekDad, we write a lot about tabletop games. Here’s what we’ve written about this past week:

Finally, here’s what some of the GeekDad Crew has been playing this week:

  • Mike LeSauvage: San Juan, Race for the Galaxy
  • Anthony Karcz: Star Wars: Destiny
  • Jonathan Liu: Magic Maze, Space Alert, Lost Legacy, The Captain Is Dead, Dome Crushers, FlowerFall, Attika, Clank!, Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters, Gloomhaven, Happy Salmon, Jambo, Neuroshima Hex, Potion Explosion, Roll Player: Monsters & Minions, Time’s Up!, Villages of Valeria. Jonathan was on vacation.
  • Randy Slavey: Munchkin
  • Chris Wickersham: Telestrations, CodeNames, The Voting Game, Magic the Gathering
  • Sophie Brown: Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, Tsuro, Zombie Dice
  • Ryan Hiller: Pathfinder RPG
  • Michael Harrison: Breaking News (unpublished prototype from Daniel Solis), Formula D, Lords of Waterdeep, Roll Player, Yspahan
  • Robin Brooks: Norsaga, The Lost Expedition, Outfoxed
  • Dave Banks: Star Wars: Destiny
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  1. Paizo con, don’t forget PAX unplugged for us East Coasters.Pax first “analog” game con.
    last I checked tickets still available.

    same weekend as BGG con.

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