Kickstarter Alert – Jellybean Gaming T-shirts

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The Cat Sat on The Catan

Much as one can never have too many games, for most geeks, it’s also impossible to have a surfeit of T-shirts. There always seems to new designs vying for prime real estate space in my wardrobe. Going straight to the top of the waiting list are these rather fabulous shirts from Jellybean Games.

Jellybean’s Kickstarter is for three game-inspired t-shirts. One with a Settled Cat, another with lots of games referenced in an infographic style (how many can you name?), and the final one, my favorite, a communist propaganda inspired print. “Seize the Means of Placement.”

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The campaign has several levels of entry. The first at $24. There’s a discount if you back 3 or 6 shirts. The campaign, as I write, is already well on its way to reaching its modest funding target. There are a few stretch goals, including a fab tote bag, which I am most definitely hoping to see funded.

And that’s about it. 3 great t-shirts, perfect for any gamer. Which is your favorite? Check out the Kickstarter, here

You too can accessorize with Soviet meeple chic.
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