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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 94: Dungeon Blaster

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From covers to remixes to RPG relationship anthems, this episode of RFH has ’em all! And also horses. They’re in the back.

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00:44 The Grammar Club – “Monkey Wrench” (content warning)
04:25 Talking / Ty Guenley – “Exercise ‘Em”
04:55 Wordburglar – “The Mos Eisley Rap Show (prod. by Milk Plus, cuts by More or Les)
08:14 ToToM – “Gold Dust Heart
12:33 Ultra Magnus – “Duck” (content warning)
15:13 DJ RoboRob – “The Great Divide (feat. Dual Core)
19:22 More talking / Ty Guenley – “Exercise ‘Em”
20:16 Danger Grove – “Corduroy Pillowcase
23:26 Crayondroids – “KAIZO SMM2 Remix”
26:15 Kraken Not Stirred – “Now You’re Just an NPC”
30:34 2d6 – “Ride the Lazer’s Edge (A Lifetime of Lazers)” (content warning)
33:45 Even more talking / Ty Guenley – “Exercise ‘Em”
35:11 DJ 8-Bit Mullet – “Old Town Rainbow Road

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