Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: IRONMAN and Little Debbie

BAFS Health Podcasts

About 6 weeks ago I posted an episode about getting my kids active. I mentioned that as that episode went live I would be competing in an IRONMAN race. My kids, naturally, had a few questions about why I’d do something so stupid.

No one is this photo is me… but this was the kind of chaos I got myself into.

I wanted to give them a chance to ask questions and, maybe, inspire them to push beyond their limits with their own stupid ideas. They then learned that my race was sponsored by Little Debbie and I brought home a bag full of samples. My hope for inspiration is quickly trumped by devouring the various snack cakes I brought back with me (which makes this episode a spiritual cousin to the time we ate strange food around Disney’s EPCOT Center).

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