Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: 31 Days of Activity

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No one in this photo is me…

Today, as you read this, I’m likely in a lot of pain. Right now. On September 30, I’m participating in the Chattanooga IRONMAN race. It’s over 140 miles of pain. As a solid geek, I often teach my kids all about books I think they need to read (like Ender’s Game) or take them to see new movies (like Infinity War). I want to make them well rounded, however. As such, I try and throw in some fun athletic endeavors for them as well. Sometimes that is just by being a role model for them. Other times I plan family exercise options (like when we went indoor rock climbing).

Back in January, Ragnar Relay had a “31 days of activity” challenge. I challenged my kids to do it with me—exercising every day for the entire month. The goal was easy—do something every day. I didn’t care what it was as long as they were active. Anything counted. Could they keep it up for a full month? How’d they do? Can you challenge your kids the same way?

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