Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: Vanishing at Adventure Island

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Water Parks are a welcome beat against the heat when you live in Central Florida. The Sun is unrelenting and you need a way to keep cool however you can. Water Parks, in general, are not only a great way to cool down but also get a thrill as well.

This year Adventure Island (our local Water Park) opened a new ride: Vanish Point. This ride isn’t a raft-based ride, but a more traditional water slide. The gimmick is that you stand on a trap door that opens up on you – plunging you feet first onto the slide.

That’s the main reason we wanted to go. That’s sounded AWESOME. Additionally, they recently added a giant raft ride, Colossal Curl, that we discuss at length. Let’s just say that one of us screamed throughout the ride (and it wasn’t the 11 year old).

I only screamed a little

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