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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 4: Never Quite Prepared

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This episode is all over the place. We get a little playlist advice from my 10-year-old, we enjoy a couple of early sneak-peeks at some summer releases, we explore Lich King’s current search for a new vocalist, and we eulogize a friend of the show who is gone but certainly not forgotten.

Like I said: all over the place.

If there’s a through-line in this show, it’s that your art matters. Your contributions matter. You matter.

Maybe that’s a little sappy, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded of that.

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Please enjoy these complimentary show notes with my warmest regards.

1:11 Wordburglar – “Rap-Viper
3:48 Talking/BGM: Gavin and Marshall Parker – “Double Cross
4:24 The Runaway Five – “Not Enough Tigers” [language warning]
7:21 Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad – “Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad”
8:52 Sam Powell – “Followed
10:23 Lich King – “Thrash Resurgence” NOTE: Love metal? Live in or around Greenfield, MA? Wanna join an amazing thrash band? Take part in Lich King’s vocalist search.
13:40 Tribe One – “Why Can’t We Be Friends
16:57 Illbotz – “Babybot” [language warning]
20:17 More talking/BGM: Gavin and Marshall Parker – “Double Cross”
22:10 More or Les – “Bigger on the Inside
25:26 Snake Eyes – “Blink
28:37 Rae Sterling – “Blink (and I’m There)
32:00 YTCracker – “Imprisoned by the Syndicate” [language warning]
35:07 Even more talking/BGM: Gavin and Marshall Parker – “Double Cross”
39:00 Matt Ryd – “All Would Change (Acoustic, feat. Liana Modestas)

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