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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 73: Mighty Mighty

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Down here in the Deep South, we are on the very cusp of summer. Translation: it’s already ridiculously hot and only getting hotter. Therefore, I recommended you stay safely indoors and enjoy this podcast.

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00:44 Ultra Magnus ft. Lex Lingo, Schaffer the Darklord, Shubzilla, Sulfur, and Primordial Emcee – “Choose Your Own Avenger (Ultimate Version)” (content warning)
05:02 Talking / UV Sir J – “Tail Chaser (Instrumental)
06:07 The Mighty Rhino – “Stay Up
09:45 UV Sir J – “Dat Yugo (Indy 500)
12:51 Bonecage – “Fish Man (Man Fish)
16:27 Supercommuter – “Just Like Us
21:06 More talking / UV Sir J – “Tail Chaser (Instrumental)”
22:08 Q-Unit – “Under Pressure All the Time” (content warning)
26:09 Shubzilla – “Hello Kitty Swag” (content warning)
30:04 rap legend Jesse Dangerously – “Sufganiyot” (content warning)
33:13 Even more talking / UV Sir J – “Tail Chaser (Instrumental)”
34:37 More Or Les ft. int eighty, Wordburglar, NiLLa, Touch, and MikeAll – “Choose Your Own Avenger (Mighty Version)

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