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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 71: Your Show of Shows

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Was your favorite television show canceled? Yeah, I feel you. But Radio Free Hipster is still here. Because you can’t cancel a podcast… Can you?

You can listen via the player below, download episode 71 directly, or subscribe to the RSS feed. A fresh-baked podcast—just like mom used to make!

00:44 LEX the Lexicon Artist – “Expectations (feat. Shubzilla) (prod. Eli Grove)” (content warning)
04:28 Talking / Sam Haynes – “Shockwaves
05:06 DJ RoboRob – “Carnival Kerfuffle (RoboRob Remix) [Electro Swing]
08:09 The Library Steps – “To Friend Too Fortunate (feat. Thesis Sahib)” (content warning)
12:24 Kirby Krackle – “Dust in the Wind
15:42 Smoochyface – “To Hell and Snack
19:07 More talking / Sam Haynes – “Shockwaves”
20:02 Inverse Phase – “Conclusion
22:03 8-Bit Mullet – “Word Pyramid” (content warning)
24:40 Ultraklystron – “Trash
27:36 Marc With a C – “Please Don’t Let My Art Die
31:02 Even more talking / Sam Haynes – “Shockwaves”
32:26 mc chris – “ash” (content warning)

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