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Do Not Touch: A Crowdsourced Music Video

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Do Not Touch
A crowdsourced music video from Moniker celebrates the cursor.

Music videos are nothing new to the Internet. However, it is rare when a video changes based on how people interact with it. With Do Not Touch, viewers are given instructions on what to do as the music plays, creating a living art that depicts demographics, collective wisdom, and human behavior.

The video — which features music by Light Light — is re-composited about once an hour and includes over 13,000 pointers. It tests the theories of complex systems, where system-level behavior is dictated by an aggregation of all of the decisions made at the individual level. Viewers are asked to make a smiley face, for instance, which requires recognition and coordination without direct communication. The collective community response also dictates whether or not this video is NSFW.

Do Not Touch is the handiwork of Moniker, a production company in Amsterdam founded by Luna Maurer, Jonathan Puckey and Roel Wouters. The studio pays their bills with commissioned design gig, in large part to fund experimental projects that explore the social effects of technology. Moniker explains their interactive video as a celebration of the end of “50 years of pointing and clicking.” The credits include a count of all of the pointers used in the latest replay of the video.

h/t Dave Troy

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