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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 65: Age Ain’t Nothing but a Slumber

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It turns out that, while 42 is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything, as an age, it’s just another year of creaks and wrinkles. It does, however, make a nice jumping-off point for a podcast!

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00:44 Adam WarRock – “I Kill Giants
04:23 Talking / Mouth’s Cradle – “Cherry Bonbon (instrumental)”
05:38 Optimus Rhyme – “Ford vs. Chevy (live)” (content warning)
10:01 Nuclear Bubble Wrap – “Dissociative (Ford, I Think I’m a Sofa)
12:50 melodysheep – “The Force (Princess Leia Tribute)
15:34 The Doubleclicks – “Impostor
19:56 More talking / Mouth’s Cradle – “Cherry Bonbon (instrumental)”
20:48 Dj RoboRob – “ChronoStep Suite no.3 – WubWater Palace (Dj RoboRob Remix)”
25:05 Wordburglar – “MacGuffin Device (prod. by Beatmason)” (content warning)
27:56 Louie Aronowitz – “Circle Pit of Fire
31:15 Meri Amber – “Beat the Game
33:50 Even more talking / Mouth’s Cradle – “Cherry Bonbon (instrumental)”
35:12 Marc With a C – “Low Rent Truman Show” (content warning)

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