Review— Black Panther # 4: Long Live the King


Aaron Covington, Mario Del Pennino and Chris O’Halloran tie up their story line with some impressive fights and the revival of an enemy.


As the Gorilla Cult continues their attacks on Wakanda, Black Panther heads with his friend Kantu towards a hidden temple, where a rite is now complete and a dead and formidable foe is brought back to life: M’Baku, the Man Ape.

I find that the resolution of the story from there is pretty straightforward: the good guys face the huge bad guy, full of pride and murderous intentions for the people of Wakanda, and defeat him almost single-handedly. Everybody rats out on their zombie leader and leaves, including the magician who brought him back to life.

T′challa′s sister, Shuri, continues to be the only interesting character, storming off to rescue her brother when no one else is available. As for Kantu and his army of robotic animals, they seem suddenly to have become the best guys in the world, helping Black Panther as if nothing had separated both friends for years. I wonder if they have something special in store for Kantu further along.

A two-issue small-side adventure, full of kinetic energy and fighting scenes, it is still an adventure to enjoy, one that kids will want to draw from.

Okorafor will rejoin the series in the next issue, finishing her story-line and bringing the mysterious monster to his doom, or maybe not? As is particular to her style, a surprise undoubtedly awaits.

“Black Panther # 4: Long Live the King” is now available on Comixology and wherever comics are sold.

Disclaimer: GeekDad received this title for review purposes.

Featured image by Mario Del Pennino for Marvel

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