Dadawan #1: Reporting Live From Force Friday

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Welcome to the Dadawan podcast, a new bi-weekly podcast covering the Star Wars universe from a GeekDad perspective. On this podcast, we’re talking about the new and the old, from Star Wars toys, books, games, TV shows and comics to the magic of the movies themselves. With the barrage of new Star Wars movies, media and merchandise coming over the next year, there is a lot to digest. Dadawan is here to help you sort through it, including exclusive interviews with the creators and fans who make that galaxy far, far away so memorable.

On the pilot episode of Dadawan, we report live from our local Toys “R” Us during Force Friday, the midnight release event for the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys and action figures. We’re talking about our loot, reviewing some of the new toys and chatting in line with some of the other fans who couldn’t help but drop by at midnight for a first look. After all, the fandom and fever pitch of Star Wars is what Dadawan is all about. Enjoy the show…

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