Pedro Pascal and Sophie Thatcher in 'Prospect.'

‘Prospect’: A GeekDad Movie Review

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Pedro Pascal and Sophie Thatcher in 'Prospect.'

Do you live in the Seattle area? If so, you have a chance to see Prospect on the big screen. It is fresh out of SXSW and will be screening three times in May via SIFF. I was lucky enough to get to watch it from the comfort of my home here in Ohio thanks to the wonderful team that made it. Just so I could tell you that you should go watch it! This movie is independent film-making at its best.

First, when and where can you see it? It will be playing at SIFF Cinema Egyptian at 9:00 PM PT on May 19th. Then on May 24th you can catch it at 4:00 PM PT at SIFF Cinema Uptown. Finally, May 30th it will show at Shoreline at 6:30 PM PT. Here’s a link to the SIFF website for location and ticket information.

Writing reviews of movies and books is always so hard for me. I want to share enough to ensure readers realize how great the film or book is, but I don’t want to ruin any of the fun I had in discovering the story either. So my usual approach is to give the bare-bones plot of the story then focus in on what it did very well and where it may have struggled a bit. If you’d like to watch the trailer, here you go!

In Prospect, you see a teenage girl struggling to become a woman after losing her own mother and all with little help from her selfish father. You watch her mature before your very eyes as she makes tough but important decisions, learns to trust but be wary, and realize that, much like all humans, her father is a flawed and complex individual.

The main character is Cee, played by Sophie Thatcher. She and her father Damon, played by Jay Duplass, travel to a small world off the beaten path in the galaxy to harvest gems that will apparently earn them a lot of money. Damon purports to be doing this to provide a good life for Cee but you pick up fairly quickly that this trip is all about him.

It doesn’t take long before Damon gets himself and Cee in some deep trouble. During this trouble is where Cee meets Pedro Pascal’s character, Ezra. Will Cee come to trust Pedro or will she keep her distance? Will Cee make it off the planet or will she be stuck on this alien world for the rest of her life?

This sci-fi adventure is more of a psychological journey than what we are used to seeing these days. No fancy effects, no lens flares, just people in a setting facing believable obstacles not to thrive, but to survive.

The writing shows a fair amount of greenness by the writing/directing duo but it is easily as good as 75% of what gets made in Hollywood these days and has something the big-budget films don’t have. Promise. A hint of the talent that is yet to come.

If you don’t live in the Seattle area, I have some good news for you. Prospect was recently picked up by a distributor and they intend to release it theatrically across the U.S. later in 2018. They also intend to screen it at Cannes. Not bad for such a small budget flick, right?

How did I get wind of this movie? I’m glad you asked because it turns out that GeekDad’s very own Will James (AKA BillyTheBrick) was part of the production team that made the film’s props. Sadly, he is unable to share photos from the set, but if you check out his cosplay website you’ll find many examples of his superior prop-making talents through his cosplay creations. You can even hire him to do custom prop work!

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