Review: Legion of Collectors March: Look, Up in the Sky!

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The Legion Returns

This month, Funko and DC bring us a classic Superman theme. Don’t bother coming here for any other characters – this is pure big blue.

A pin any girl would wear.

This is one of my favorite patches so far. It would look perfect on the shoulder of my jacket.

This was a nice surprise.

It really doesn’t get more classic than Superman . Featuring classic “leaping instead of flying” Superman, ┬áit’s him vs a blackmailer.


This shirt makes me want a whole series of Funko Superman shirts and comics. But this was not my son’s favorite.

It was this guy

My six-year old absolutely adored this Superman keychain, based on a classic flying Funko. Speaking of pops…


Somehow, this Superman POP screams “Superman: The Motion Picture”. I kinda love his tiny abs, too. But wait, we’re not done.

Action figure. Get it? GET IT?

This classic, yellow shield Superman is a great callback to the first cover he was ever on. It’s pretty well made, and was fun to play with.

A really fun box, but it might have been nice to see some characters other than Superman. Classic Braniac, classic Lois Lane… anything, really.

In May, we will be getting a Wonder Woman movie themed box. I’m hoping for something that blows my mind.

Note: Funko sends me these boxes, just so the other GeekDads will hate me.

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