Get a USB Snake Camera; Save Up To 30% on Wi-fi Routers and Range Extenders – Daily Deals!

Daily Deals 031417

The technical name for this is an endoscope, which in the medical field is what they use to look up… inside you. In this case, we prefer to call it a snake camera; it’s simply a camera on the end of a long bendable but semi-rigid cable, and we think Geeky Parents can come up with some creative and cool ways to use it. Of course, there’s checking the pipes in your house for blockages, but what about incorporating it into some kind of cosplay or cool science experiment? The fact that it just hooks up via USB so you can watch it on a laptop makes it so easy to use, the possibilities are endless. And you can pick one up today for as low as $24!

Want to upgrade your home router to the latest 802.11AC protocol? Or maybe you just need a range extender to improve the signal in the bathroom downstairs? Whatever the need, today you may be able to find (and afford) the solution. You can save up to 30% on a nice selection of networking products from TP-Link. Check out the deals!


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