Play-Doh Touch “Shape to Life” Studio

Play-Doh in Virtual Reality – Touch “Shape to Life” Studio

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Play-Doh Touch “Shape to Life” StudioIn virtual reality there are no limits to creativity and there are very few real-world products that can approach that level of creative freedom that the classic Play-Doh can. An application for smart devices (both iOS and Android) begins to merge hands-on fun with infinite virtual worlds. The Play-Doh Touch “Shape to Life” Studio kit includes everything kids (or adults that are still kids at heart) need to take their Play-Doh creations into a virtual world on their smart device.

After devising a Play-Doh creation, place it on the studio platform and scan it into the app. The creation comes to life on the screen, inhabiting its own virtual side-scrolling world. The environment begins as a blank canvas, slowly being filled with colors and shapes imported from more Play-Doh creations that are scanned into the application.

We’ve put together a short demonstration of just how the Play-Doh Touch “Shape to Life” Studio works…


While designed for unrestricted creativity, the kit comes with stampers that the “Shape to Life” app recognizes and allows access to additional content. The creations from the character stampers unlock their own unique worlds and personalities when scanned into the app. Special action stampers launch special movements (like dancing or flying).

Creations brought into the application interact with each other and their virtual environment and continue to change as new creations are imported into the app. Different creations are saved within their virtual worlds, allowing users to return to them with refreshed creativity.

The Play-Doh Touch “Shape to Life” Studio is available on Amazon for just $20 (and it’s eligible for Prime too).

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